FindLaw's Caselaw - KY Court of Appeals Recent cases for Court of Appeals of Kentucky Walter M. Butt and Karen Petigo, Co–Administrators of the Estates of Brian C. Butt and Michael A. Butt; Stephanie A. McCauley, as Mother Next Friend and Conservator for Maggie Elizabeth Ann McCauley; Ashley N. Hazelwood, as Mother Next Friend and Conservator for Kile a. Green, and Bruce E. Butt, Appellants v. Independence Club Venture, Ltd. d/b/a the Electric Cowboy, Appellee NO. 2013–CA–001400–MR December 19, 2014 Delbert Bessinger, and Paul Carter, Appellants v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Appellee NO. 2013-CA-002111-DG December 19, 2014 THC LLC LLC v. LLC NO. 2012-CA-001997-MR December 19, 2014 Commonwealth of Kentucky, Appellant v. Lyric Angus, Appellee NO. 2012–CA–001836–DG December 12, 2014 Jeffery A. Roberts, Appellant v. Laurie Sticklen, Individually As Surviving Spouse, As Administratrix for the Estate of James Sticklen, and As Natural Guardian of the Minor Child Andrew Sticklen;  mary Sticklen and Emily Sticklen, Dependent Children of James Sticklen;  the City of Alexandria, Kentucky;  hon. Thomas G. Polites, Administrative Law Judge;  and Workers' Compensation Board, Appellees NO. 2014–CA–000793–WC December 12, 2014 Melissa Margaret Farrar, Appellant v. Bradley Walter Farrar, Appellee and Bradley Walter Farrar, Cross-Appellant NO. 2013-CA-000180-MR, NO. 2013-CA-000253-MR December 12, 2014 Cassie Stevenson, Personal Representative of the Estate of Anthony Stevenson, Deceased, Appellant v. LLC LLC LLC NO. 2013–CA–001539–MR December 5, 2014 Christopher Lee Jackson, Appellant v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Appellee NO. 2013–CA–000582–MR December 5, 2014 Rosaland Moss, Appellant v. Kentucky State University, Appellee NO. 2013-CA-001431-MR November 21, 2014 Thomas Francis Lambe, Appellant v. Jude Marie Weber (formerly Lambe); and Allen McKee Dodd, Appellees and Jude Marie Weber (Formerly Lambe), Cross–Appellant NO. 2013–CA–000891–MR, NO. 2013–CA–000930–MR, NO. 2013–CA–001642–MR November 14, 2014 Bruce Merrick; Arthur Milby; Dant Clayton Corporation; George Miller; Gregg M. Murray; Joseph M. Billy; Nancy L. Billy; Rose Johnson; Samantha G. Allen by and through her Attorney-In-Fact; and Samuel Johnson, Appellants v. Brown–Forman Corporation and Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., Appellees NO. 2013–CA–002048–MR November 14, 2014 III v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Appellee NO. 2013–CA–001628–DG October 31, 2014 Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Movant v. J. Dustin Chaney, D.O., Respondent NO. 2014–CA–001338–I October 31, 2014 Kyle P. Danaher, Appellant v. Elonmarie Hopkins, Appellee NOS. 2013–CA–001689–ME & 2013–CA–001690–ME October 24, 2014 Pikeville Medical Center, Inc., Appellant v. Doris S. Bevins, as Administratrix of the Estate of Grover C. Bevins; and Doris Bevins, individually, Appellee NO. 2013-CA-000917-MR October 24, 2014 Joann Benton, Appellant v. Dan Sotingeanu, Appellee NO. 2013–CA–001060–MR October 24, 2014 SCROGGINS v. COMMONWEALTH No. 2013–CA–000579–MR. October 17, 2014 KENTUCKY STATE POLICE v. CONDER No. 2012–CA–001815–MR. October 17, 2014 LUU v. MURPHY No. 2014–CA–000283–ME. October 17, 2014 WADDLE v. WADDLE No. 2014–CA–000576–ME. October 17, 2014